Fitting Instructions

Tools required:

1. Choose the location for your anchor:

2. Print and cut out the the template and lay it exactly where you want the anchor to go.

3. Put on your eye protection and drill one 8mm diameter hole to a depth of 90mm at point A, making sure the drill is absolutely vertical. Drop the pencil through the template into the hole to secure the template and drill the second 8mm diameter hole at Point B to a depth of 90mm, again making sure the drill is absolutely vertical.

4. Remove the pencil and template. Re-drill the holes to a depth of 90mm using the 20mm diameter drill bit.

5. Clean the dust and debris out of the holes and check that the anchor pins fit and that the base plate is flat to the floor or wall surface, then using the instructions supplied with the chemical pack and the mastic gun, charge both holes with the chemical bonding agent.

6. Slowly, but firmly, push the ground anchor into place, wiping away any residue when the ground anchor is fully home. Your ground anchor is now fitted and ready for use after the curing times listed within the chemical instructions.