1. Remove cap.

2. Screw static mixer into position. The mixer spiral must be clearly visible in the static mixer. Never use without the static mixer in place.

3. Place cartridge with plunger into the mastic gun.

4. Press approximately 10 cm of material out onto scrap card until the mixture is evenly grey. Failure to do this will result in an ineffective bond as it will not cure properly.

5. Suitable for good brickwork, concrete, natural stone and other solid materials.

6. Clean hole completely. Blow out at least twice and brush out if possible.

7. Fill both holes to approximately 2/3 of the hole from the bottom (60mm).

8. Press anchor home. Bonding agent must extrude past the anchor base for an optimal fit.

9. Do not load the anchor until the agent has cured: 3 hours in normal conditions, 6 hours if less than 5 degrees C.